JANUARY 19 TO 23RD, 2013

Two teams on the trail in the first leg to Fox River checkpoint


Second checkpoint at Al's cabin

Beginning on January 11th - 15th, 2014 experience the thrill of a 5+ day sled dog training / camping session in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula

Note:  If there are not 8 paid entry's by Dec. 1st, 2013 the  event will be cancelled.  If the
 event is cancelled all entry fees
 will be refunded 100%.  Any withdrawals after Dec. 1st will receive all their entry fee less $100.  No refunds after  January 1, 2014.  THE Seney IS ON WE CAN STILL TAKE 4 MORE TEAMS.    

Rules are the same as the Iditarod or Quest, except for recreational mushers.

2011 RESULTS                               RUN TIME

Hank Debrin                                     37:57 hr
RJ Williamson                                  39:08
Rick Minard                                     39:50
Geri Minard                                     43:23
Richard Macauley                            DNF
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